Can't see existing text style / formatting

Hi, I’m not sw skilled
, so probably a dumb question, but when editing text in a text stack or header stack, how can I see the current formatting? If I click on the </> icon, or menu-bar/format, it lets me select formatting options, but it provides no clue about the current settings (heading 1, heading 2, etc).
There are icons above the text (link, B, I, etc,) but no indicator of current settings that I can see.

Am I missing something here?

example page (RapidWeaver 8, modified Artful theme, stacks 4):


With the Header stack (The one that comes with Stacks) you set the “size”( h1- h6) in the inspector (right hand side of screen):

As for the Text Stack, that’s styled text, I don’t think there is a way to tell what has already been set. I might be wrong, someone else can jump in. , I don’t use styled text.

Ok, I do see that with the Header stack. And it is only visible when all the text content is the styled the same.

What do you use instead of styled text?


I would use MarkDown (the markdown stack) or HTML. Styled text produces such sloppy HTML (what the world sees) that I stay away from it.

Markdown does require a small bit of learning, but the end result is semantically correct neat HTML output.

There are a ton of Markdown editors (free and paid) that allow you to edit content outside of RapidWeaver as well.

I can see why you like markdown. This will help me format and keep track of formatted text.

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