What are Externals for?

What are they for?
‘Partials’ are for putting something on various spots on your site, changing one and it reflected in all.
But what exactly are ‘Externals?’

Think of it as a Partial that can be shared between multiple projects. Update it in one project file and it updates in each project file where you’ve included it.

It was likely named “External” as the content lives outside of any one individual project file.

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Have a look here

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Got it. Thanks. So if I were to use an External as a template, I’d bring it into the project and then ‘unpack’ it, correct?

No. You just described a Template (the red version of a partial). Externals are editable just like a partial is. Partials are limited to the scope of one project. Externals are common across all of your projects. They can be dangerous though. If you make an edit to an External in one project, they will also be updated in other projects. Therefore, it really needs to be used for something that needs to be kept in sync across projects. I would advise on using them sparingly.


Thanks Joe.
I’ve tried creating templates before but usually nothing happens.
I’d like to take a bunch of stacks that I’ve put together and tweaked the way I like them (ie, ‘mask’ with an image stack, playvid stack…or whatever) and be able to drag and drop that template over in a new project, change the image and link for the playvid and done.
I’m sure this is an overly simple concept that I haven’t been able to grasp for some reason.

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