Write protecting partials/Externs?

I suppose this is a feature request, but it is WAY to easy to trash a partial, and of course have that propagate through the system. It. Would.Be.Nice to have write protect on the objects in a partial, while still allowing content changes.

Cant say I’ve ever had that issue but if you delete a partial from a page, it still exists in the library. Additionally, you can undo anything you’ve done in error as long as you haven’t saved it. Or am I missing something?

@Proxima I’m tagging @isaiah who can speak to if this is even possible.

… but it sounds like you are asking for a way that RW/Stacks can protect you from yourself. The best strategy, in general, is to have a rock solid backup plan. More than 1 kind of back up, consistent backups, etc.

RW itself offers a way to backup to your server area. Time Machine can also be great. Plus there are other alternatives.

… or perhaps I’m reading your post incorrectly.

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@Proxima - So, you’d like a way to prevent yourself from accidentally editing a partial?

There is… almost a way to do this.

You can move an external from the Externals folder to the Templates folder (you should do this only when RW is not running at all). This will cause an External to be treated like a Template, which for all intents and purposes, is a write protect.

However there is currently no way to do this to an existing Partial within your document. But it seems like a very reasonable feature request.

Partials/Externals/Templates are very closely related. Being able to move more fluidly between these different types was on my original feature list for Stacks 4. In practice it’s a lot more difficult than it probably seems. The UI for was too fiddly and difficult to understand.

My point is, I’ve been looking for nice ways to add some of these features back – but just enough without getting too complicated.

Locking a Partial is sort of like having a switch to enable/disable all the Template behaviors. It’s simple, easy to understand, and the UI seems obvious.

:+1:thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

No, it’s not prevent editing a partial, more for deleting a component. Even just a confirmer “This is used by X other stacks, are you really sure you want to delete this?” or even do so, if the component is being used by any other pages. Undo is not always the solution, as RW8 is crashing or hanging about 15 to 20 times a day, and that will remove the undo stack.

I’ve finally settled on using templates and making each page free of any system wide components, their own partials, as it was way too easy to delete stuff without knowing the full extent of the damage it might do. About half my time over the past week has been to repair damage done by confused messaging. I stick with RW however and Stacks because they are otherwise superb tools.

to be honest, I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to. it’s not possible to delete a partial that’s in use.

for reasons that are outside the scope of this thread, each page contains it’s own copy of each partial it uses. so even if you remove it from every other page and then hide/remove it from the library, the partial will still work like normal and will pop back into the library the next time you launch RW.

the only way to really remove a partial is to remove it from every single page, then remove it from your library. if every instance is gone, and you remove it from the library, it does finally delete that component.

mostly I get requests to make the process of deleting partials easier as it can be a bit frustrating when trying to remember all the various places a partial is used.

but perhaps you mean something else? can you give a more specific example of how the problem occurs?

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I’ll go and replicate the problem and get things clarified.

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