What are your official communications and support channels?

With a history spanning 20+ years, Realmac Software’s ecosystem is large, vibrant, and diverse. Over the years our community has grown quite large, leading to the emergence of various third-party websites, forums, and even gaming communication platforms! These platforms have developed their own unique niches that are closely connected to the RapidWeaver ecosystem.

With so many different channels out there, there’s a lot of information flying around. We sometimes hear from our community members asking about the validity of something they’ve seen or read on a third-party channel. Our general response is if you have any questions about our company or products, feel free to ask straight at the source! :smile:

Below are our official communications and support channels. We encourage our community members to reach out anytime they have questions or feedback, we’re always around to help out.

Community Forums


Email Support


Weekly Office Hours (RSVP to a live session and join us to receive support in real time)

Social Media Channels

Newsletter - https://newsletter.realmacsoftware.com

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/c/realmacsoftware

Mastodon - RapidWeaver (@RapidWeaver@indieapps.space) - Indie Apps

Support Channels