Is owned by Realmac?

We trust, but not sure about, aka, Rapidweaver Community.
Is RW Community owned or run by Realmac or is it an independant 3rd party? We are very content with this site. What is purpose of the so called group? This forum indicates past RW Community spam and other issues…Thank you.

From the disclaimer in footer:

The RapidWeaver Community is the official resource for all things RapidWeaver, brought to you by Realmac Software.

RapidWeaver Community is the official showcase for all addons (themes, plugins and stacks) for RapidWeaver and it’s owned by Realmac Software.
It’s regularly updated by all developers and you can trust it.
What kind of spam did you experience with the community?

I just did a MxTools look up is not on any black lists for email so it can be trusted. You would have to post some details as to what email address and how your have set up the email server as well as your system to find out why its marked as spam.

Of course, there was a lot of spam – on the forum, not being delivered to people’s email addresses – when it was using Vanilla.Very little now, thank heavens.

Yes, the site is owned and run by us. The RapidWeaver Community is a listing site for third-party addons, all of our video tutorials, the RapidWeaver Gallery, our weekly podcast, and more!

The spam issue I think you’re referring to is when we sent out a lot of emails by mistake — it wasn’t spam, it was a weekly email users had subscribed to. Unfortunately we sent it out multiple times to all subscribers. This has been fixed now!

I’m not sure what “other issues” you’re referring to, but please let me know and I’ll be happy to address them here :slight_smile:

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