Does anyone have a Telephone number to contact Realmac?

After months of problems with Rapidweaver I would like to contact the MD but can’t seem to find a telephone number anywhere.

There’s one here - - but it looks a bit phoney to me! :sunglasses:

If not, you can usually get them pretty quickly on here or via Twitter.

Thank you , may try twitter but it does seem odd a company is going to such great lengths to not have a phone contact number online

For a small company I do not see why they would need one. First, it is a cost they don’t need. Second everyone of the employees probably have a cell phone and who wants that given out? Heck, my wife even surprised me we she suggested we lose our landline earlier this year. I have two kids with deadly food allergies, so we have been keeping it for 911 reasons.

Now if they were a company with over 100 employees, sure they need a phone number then, but the size they are I do not see the need.


Hi @insideoutskiing, sorry we don’t offer telephone support. We don’t even have a landline and the only official number we really have is my mobile and I don’t want to give that out on the internet…

We’re happy to help via this forum, twitter and directly via email!

Hope that helps.




That is a shame that you don’t offer telephone support, your email support has not worked in my case. I have been using RW for several years now and since version 6 have had no end of problems. I paid for RW7 hoping that my site would be able to publish properly which it ceased doing from the install of RW6. For 7 weeks I have been emailing your support team asking to look at my specific issue. I was requested to send my project file which I did but it would appear no one has bothered to look at my specific problem. Other than trying the obvious from your FAQ’s section or upgrading to the next version there has been Zero help on my specific issue which I now see on the forum is afflicting at least one other user. I politely asked for a telephone number and your personal contact details so that I could try to get some priority and was ignored. I am not a sware engineer and have have spent way too much time attempting to get your software to work. I even tried using numerous Beta versions one of which have crashed my system numerous times.

All I am asking as an exasperated User is for someone to look at this problem and have been emailing your support people since 2 June. On the 6th of July I sent a message as below and had no reply. Ignoring your clients and being inaccessible should not be the way to run any business in my view. In desperation I asked for help publicly. As the Founder can you please help?

can you advise your MD’s name and email address so I can get some priority on solving my particular problem? Since upgrading I am unable to publish my website which after 5 weeks is now critical stage. I dont want to be awkward but looking for help and resolution. I supplied my project file and have continually asked for someone to try to replicate my issue yet the only support I receive is to update to yet another Beta.

You are not alone…
There are those who praise every version of RW and report no issues at all. I believe them. I know there is also a group that seem to have no end of issues. I believe them too, as I am one of those. One would think that Realmac would want to find the underlying issue here. Why do some installs seemingly work flawlessly while do some not work at all? I tried and tried but never could get RW6 early versions to publish my blog. I remained on version 5.3.

With the release of RW7 I was determined to “make it work.” I am sorry I didn’t stay on 5.3.

Realmac’s slogan is “We make nice things.” I want my install to be “nice,” I really do. I want everyone to be happy. I want Realmac to be successful. But so far, my RW7 experience hasn’t been very “nice.” In fact, it’s been outright irritating.

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@insideoutskiing and @1611mac - I’m the “MD”, or as I like to call myself the “Founder” - you can email me and I’ll do my best to help you out:

I’m sure we can get you both up and running!

@dan… Hi Dan. I provided test projects that demo my blog export problem twice to support… and twice you upon your request. The latest was yesterday. I also answered your question via support email today. You had requested that I export again with “consolidate css” off. As I replied today (again to the support address) doing so did not help. It still take 8 minutes to export my blog when 5.3 and 6(x) did so in about 25 seconds.

I will email the links (to my project files) directly to your email address.

Would it be possible to have someone simply download the 776 entry blog project and do an export just to see if you have the same issue? It’s been around a month now… I would at the very least like to know the result you obtain.

Sending this also via email with links…

Thank you Dan. I appreciate the attention.

This has been a scary read… I wish you guys speedy fixes. Please share the fix here if there is one.

I provided links to test projects (5th time total to RW in general) to Dan via his email and he answered within 24 hours (Thanks Dan). His answer in a nutshell was that they were “looking into it” in conjunction with 7.1 release. So I don’t know if that is an acknowledgement that they found something or not. I still don’t know if they tried my sample files or not. I guess I’ll just have to wait for 7.1 to see if there is any improvement. I still continue to have very random crashes that are so random I don’t know how they could ever be documented except by the sending of the log file. The test files I provided illustrate the long export times I am seeing for my blog (almost nine minutes compared to 25 seconds for RW5.x and 6.x))

We’re not clear on what’s causing you to get the crash issue, but we’ve found out exactly why the blog export is taking so long and are working on a fix for the 7.1 release due in a few weeks time.

Sorry for the delay.


Thanks for the communication Dan.

Hi @dan I sent an email a week ago with all the communications to your support team and a link to my project file but I haven’t had a reply. Have you managed to look into my publishing problem?

I resent all my issues to @dan on the 25th of July and still no reply… Terrible customer support and yet again a disaster of a product launch…

But you can buy an SEO course with 24/7 support.… (see bottom of this page: to which I ask… :light_smile:

Hi Scott,

I’ve replied to you.

Also, if you’re having issues publishing you should follow the advice in this guide here:

I hope that helps.


All of our products come with 24/7 support, and a full money back guarantee. We do our best to get back to our customers as quickly as we can.

We’re only human, we try our hardest, but sometimes even that is not good enough.



HI Dan , I have replied to your email and provided my project and FTP details as you requested. I did this back on June the 2nd and then in July and now we are in August. Hopefully someone will actually have a look at it this time rather than just offer up basic standard suggested fixes… While I don’t expect 24/7 support the only way to get a detailed reply is to put up a complaint on the user forum.

@dan, can you give us ANY idea at all when 7.1 will be out?