What button will enable these 3 things to happen? Please help if you can

Hi all, I’m totally stuck and looking for help:

I have a website page with a Foundation form on it. I need the visitor to the page to fill in the form with their contact details and then hit the submit button. When that button is pressed I need 3 things to happen:

a. The form gets sent to his email address.
b. The form page redirects back to a page within the same website.
c. A new browser window also opens which is the third party external website page.

Is there anything that can help me do this? If not, how about a submit button which will at least open up a new stack when it’s clicked, that way I could have text and a link to the new external page?

You could redirect the form on success to another page, and then have a button/link somewhere on that page which would go to option c in your list.

Thanks Neil, I tried that but the client doesn’t like it :-(.

I’m trying something else utilising the email system instead, hopefully he goes for it!

Nope he didn’t like what I did. Any other options for getting a button to do the 3 things I specified above?

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