Button in Foundation not doing anything

(Michael Johnson) #1

I’m using foundation.
I’ve put a form base in and a button in the form base.
I’ve got the button set to ‘form submit’ but it doesn’t do anything.
I’ve got the correct,active email in set up.
Any ideas please?

(Michael Johnson) #2

I’ve looked on all the forums I can find.

(Jon C. Munson II) #3

Is your project “live”? If so, link?

(Michael Johnson) #4

Contact 5tet

(Jon C. Munson II) #5

OK, now, what were you trying to do with the results? Send mail?

(Jon C. Munson II) #6

Assuming you want to send mail…

Are your FROM email address and your TO email address different? Most servers will not allow you to send mail from the same address as the recipient.

If you are using SMTP, have you double-checked everything with your host’s documentation?

(Michael Johnson) #7

I want people to be able to send me email

(Jon C. Munson II) #8

Just as FYI - I have created a contact form on my site and the button works as expected, I just need to get my settings in proper form… :wink:

Are you getting any sort of error message, or just a “success” message?

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #9

Do you know what version of PHP your server has on it? The page does not need to be a PHP page, but your server must have at least PHP 5.4 and we suggest to try and get PHP 5.5 or higher as PHP 5.4 is End of Life and does not get supported anymore.

(Michael Johnson) #10

I’m not getting anything.
I would have thought that there would be place, whilst in Edit mode, to put an email address but there isn’t.
Excuse my naiviety, I’m a total beginner!
How would I find out which php?

(Jon C. Munson II) #11

The email addresses are in the Form Base stack. :smile:

Check the page properties, last tab, icon looks like a hex nut… :wink:

(Michael Johnson) #12

Does it look like this?

(Jon C. Munson II) #13

Looks like that, yes, now check the “Send Email on Submit?” box… :wink:

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #14

Contact your host, they should be able to tell you what version of PHP you have. Should also be in the CPanel area.

(Michael Johnson) #15

I found the php version,changed it from 5.4 to 5.6 and Eureka!! I got a successfully sent message. I’m just waiting to receive the messages.