What can you do with Foundation?

(Paul Russam) #1

This is a link to my playground, where I experiment with what can be done/what I can do.
Every page here is a Foundation page, and 99% of the stacks are either Joe Workman’s or BigWhiteDucks’s
Some of the pages are direct replications of sites I’ve seen and want to understand how I would do them myself, others come directly out of my own warped mind. But a lot spring from discussions in the Foundation G+ group.

(Matthias Ficht) #2

Great, Paul! Thanks for this nice demonstration of what Foundation is capable of. Now, the only thing missing would be the project file of your playground to help us see how you did this or that… :wink:

(Paul Russam) #3

You got your freebie in April Matthias, you’re on your own after that! :smile:

(Matthias Ficht) #4

Aah, the “REPREVE” thing… I remember. Ok, so I’ll have to try on my own to recreate some of the amazing stuff you’ve done in your sandbox. Wish me luck… :wink:

(Joe Workman) #5

Awesome stuff @PaulRussam! Thanks for sharing.

(Andrew Tavernor) #6

The question should be what can’t you do with Foundation. Great stuff @PaulRussam

(James Alton Thomas) #7

So a question for you. Can you use the Section 5 Header/with the Billboard in blue I guess this can be used in Foundation as a header as I have a client that wants to have a slanted look to the header, and this seems it would work great. It would also be great if one could add an image and a Font Awesome in that area too. Is that possible? I am sure all things are possible for a coder, but a coder I am not.
Would be interested in your feedback. Thank you!

(Paul Russam) #8

Section5 was just a proof of concept…but saying that…IT DID PROVE IT!

This site will be going live next week so for now you’ll have to settle for a screenshot:

No coding, no trick CSS, just stacks. Specifically BigWhiteDuck’s Section stack,

(James Alton Thomas) #9

Thanks Paul for the assistance and the show…
So this is what he is looking for, something that mimics this. It’s the header in on this site, tried to add a dropbox link, but it created an image, and NEW users, though I have been in the forum for over 7 years, with over 100 posts bu alas no photos allowed.
Is this something that can be done using this stack? Or is this more of a styling of a header stack?
Thanks for the information.

(Paul Russam) #10

If you want to put a slight rotation to a stack like the menu on the site above then have a look at Joe Workman’s Target or Jack stacks.
I can’t remember which one I used here, but I think it’s Jack:
The animation is being done by BigWhiteDuck’s ScrollMate stack.

(David) #11

This is so great…would you ever consider posting the basic stack or RW file to some of these to see how they are made?

(Paul Russam) #12

The site I posted an image of above is now live, link to post:

(John Higgins) #13

Hi Paul - I noticed you have a page that shows a Typr stack from BWD but I can’t seem to find this on their website.

Any ideas?



(Paul Russam) #14

Think of that page as a preview of what’s to come :smile:
I’ve just updated the page so it reads ‘The soon to be released stack’ to avoid any more confusion.

(Andrew Tavernor) #15

@johnhiggins The Typer stack will be released for stacks 3. No date as yet but here is another little test page showing what it can do

(Phil Bird) #16

On this page, could you share how you made the last two demos called Facet1 and Facet2 please?

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #17

You can not do that yet, as it is with a stack that is not released yet. It is coming soon.

(Paul Russam) #18

Opps, my bad I regularly wipeout my sandbox subdomain and start again with new playthings, I’d forgotten that I’d linked to it here.
As Robb said, it’s an upcoming stack that’s still in development.

(Phil Bird) #19

Thanks for explaining, those pages do look very interesting though. A very nice concept.