What happened to "Preview" function?

I’m using Rw 7.1.7 and when I try to preview a page, It comes up with a window shown below;

But for some reason, it comes up with another window, informing me that it is doing the same thing to my home page!
I never wanted to preview my home page, just the sales & service page. What is maddening is that once it finishes ‘exporting’. (I just want to preview it not export it - Was never a problem in RW6!), it is stuck on the home page. I won’t let me preview the page I want. It keeps going back and exporting both pages but ends up previewing on my home page, which is not what I want. Please fix this!

I’m afraid this sounds like one of the many miscellaneous publishing/export problems with RW7.

Your best bet is to submit a crash report to RealMac with your OS version, RW version, steps that reproduce the problem etc. and see if they can troubleshoot you out of the problem.


I suspect this is a repeat-export issue I reported a while back. I know RMS has been working on it.

If it is, it’s related to a broken URL on that particular page. This could be from a missing resource on your site. An image that you’ve removed. Or any other type of published content.

If you can find the broken link/URL/content/resource and remove it temporarily it will likely work around the issue until it’s solved.

If you’re using Stacks it could also be related to a 3rd party stack doing something similar. You can try removing each stack on the page in turn (or in groups) to see if you can hunt it down.


Thanks All. I haven’t had time for forums or to bother tinkering around with RW7. I hadn’t realized RW7 was still riddled with so many issues. Guess I’ll have to go back to RW6.