Anyone's rapidweaver having a fit when previewing since upgrading to 7.0.4?


Since updating to 7.0.4 when i go to preview, it now cycles through every page on my site before actually previewing.
I would not mind if it was a small site but my site has 50 odd pages.

Is this a bug or just me?

Yup - have the same thing - the publish button seems to be exporting alll the pages before it actually publishes. Though where it’s exporting to goodness only knows.

On the plus side the publishing is 99% reliable.

Can you contact support with your project file and the theme you’re using, we’d love to take a look at this and get it fixed.

Email and include a link to this thread.


UPDATE I think I’ve seen this issue before and it’s caused by having two folders named the same. Can you check that all your folder names are unique? (you should also send us your project file so we can take al look).

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Umm - my projects file is 85Mb Dan!!

I’ve checked and can see that there is no duplication of folder names in
the project.


Having a fit - indeed my copy of RW is having conniptions since 7.0.4.
I’m not sure the crash reports are actually going out. The report window never resolves.

Getting intermittent crashes on edits: Normally use the EDIT/PREVIEW toggle at center-top to switch to edit mode. There is however a button combo EDIT / CANCEL further down the window in the tools banner. RW crashes when using those.

Also returning to PREVIEW or using CANCEL after an edit crashes the application.

The only way I can seem to have SAVES be retained, is to double click the item to be changed, which then turns the intended black background to white (nearly impossible to read text given my font color), make my change. THEN click outside the bounding frame to turn the color BLACK once again & save. When I choose PREVIEW it still crashes, but at least I didn’t lose the edit!

I was also having Preview issues this weekend with the latest version of RW7:

The preview would stop working (it would hang when going to preview) then I would have to cancel the export/preview which would cause RW to not be able to preview again, then I had to quit/restart RW. This happened many times over the weekend, since I only worked with 1 theme I contacted the developer first, but I will test today with other themes. It would occur on 2 different macs (imac 27", macbook 12" retina both OS capitan) when

  1. I would preview to browser
  2. Would use RW internal preview mode
  3. Have the browser open for instant preview when I made changes in RW

It happened randomly I could change the padding of stack, or add a stack, or color change and it would happen…so it was not just one thing causing the issue. I would say i must of sent over 10 crash reports since Friday, i stopped counting could be more

Yeah… The 7.0.4 install automagically moved the older version to trash.
SInce that was the case, I felt ok in deleting it without testing 7.0.4.

Bad choice.

Hi Dan,
It appears that i have found the problem.
I have Live Search in a partial that is setup as my navigation (From 1LD) that is causing the grief.
It has worked prior to the upgrade but doesn’t work now.

Full Details
Theme - Foundation
Partial with topbar (Foundation) and TBS (Bigwhiteduck)

As soon as i add the live search it creates the issue.

I will dropbox link my file to you

There’s an update to Live Search out now. Please let us know if that fixes the issue for you.

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Hi Brian,

Thanks for your help. Yes that has fixed the problem.
Great service guys, cheers

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I am glad your not asking for my project file. that is 225 mb. I missed the original update day and glad I did otherwise I would have upgraded automatically. So now I am just waiting until the bugs get fixed prior to any update. I will stick with 7.03 for now.

I too am having problems with 7.0.4. Lots of crashes. Our Problem Reporter has not worked since RW 5 so no help there (always wondered if that is because we are in NZ and there is a ping timeout to RW in the uk…?).
However on 7.0.4. Crashes v frequent with this version. Also been having issues with Preview when using one theme (UIKIT) we are working quite a bit with at the moment.

Not been using anything exotic that I can think of with projects but just seems to happen… Any ideas?