What is "Strict mime checking?" - causing page display problem


My new MacMini has enabled me to update to RW6 in Yosemite. But my page ** Defensive Gun Uses stop Violent Crime and Massacres... is not publishing properly using RW6 although I’ve only updated one paragraph. See how the page published in RW5 looks here: www.discouragecriminals.net/studies/right-response/defensive-gun-uses/

Now that I’ve published this page with new RW6 (to a temporary v3 page) it’s ignoring the css styling. It says I have “Strict mime checking enabled” on this page

Yet previewed in RW6>Preview as well as RW6>Preview-Page-With>Safari both look good, the same as the RW5 published page.

Any idea what causes “Strict mime checking” to become enabled? How do I turn it off? and get my page looking like it should. How on earth did I make this mistake and get RW6 to turn it on in the first place?

See the good RW5 page and the not-good RW6 page source side by side here:

Here’s the screen image showing the developer tools console window in Chrome’s dev tools and all the errors that Charlie was kind enough to produce for me.

Any and all help you can give to solve this problem would be VERY much appreciated.

warm regards,
Sunday, 2018/05/13 1845

Interesting. I am definitely not a programmer, but in looking online, this problem seems to afflict Chrome pretty much exclusively and seems to be how Chrome relates to the server. Something about Chrome transmitting jscript as a plain text file and not as an executable, therefore registering the wrong MIME type. I’m way over my head on this, but there are a few discussions you can search for that might help you. Nice web site, by the way.

Thanks, Thomas. It’s not just Chrome, it also looks the same in both Firefox ESR and in Safari (the browser I used for the screenshot above). So it’s probably something to do with the page now published in RW6 rather than RW5…

Success, Greg at www.chillidoghosting.com found out that the css files the page was looking for were different to the ones on my web-site.

So I ensured CSS consolidation was off, Marked All Pages and Resources as Changed, then published the page. It actually published 252 files (wonder why so many) and the page now looks good. So this issue is solved.

Thanks everyone
Tuesday, 2018/05/15

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