Generating checksums

Greetings too,

I´m using Rapidweaver now for many years (since V. 4 or 5) and I like it very much, even more since “stacks”. But I’m still not a “pro”. My main business is plot and print.

Unfortunately since a few days I have a problem with publishing in RW. It say´s “Generating checksums…” and than nothing happens.

I have that problem with different projects, but some function normally. So I take one of the problematic ones and try to export on a harddisk - no. I delete all of the pages exept the startpage - no. I delete all frames on the startpage - no. I change the theme, because I thought it´s a foundation problem - no. Other projects let me publish with allmost the same publishing settings (exept server name an PW, shure) - because I launch the most pages on strato servers, wich is one of biggest hosters in germany. So I feel a little bit helpless now…

I change my mac since a few days and cloned the start disk. After the problem appears I install a new version of RW with a different serial (I have a few), it doesn’t help. The problem also happens on my old mac.

Both Macs have System Mojave 10.14.6 installed.

Does anybody have any idea? Any help is welcome! There is an older topic with the same problem, but it’s closed and I did’nt find a solution in there.

Greetings from Germany

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