What is the best way to apply a new theme to an existing site?


… I manage the website of a french publisher. In 2011, the site was entirely made with Stacks and the beautiful XXL theme of Henk Vrieselaar: www.zellige.fr
Since then, I regularly update his catalog and information.

I would like to change the look of this site and therefore of theme.

I will try to use a maximum of existing elements of the old site and I also know that I will of course adapt them to the new theme: nothing will be automatic.

My question: what would be the best strategy for making this new site with a new theme?

Thank you for your lights … :wink:

I’d like to do the same thing. Is there a tutorial on this that someone could link for us?


Personally, I’d duplicate the existing project then apply the new theme to the duplicate and go from there.

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