Two version for a theme?


Is there a way to have two versions of a theme installed at a time ?

It’s because I’m using a theme for a time for one site, it works, but new versions are not completely compatible with my site.

So, is it possible for me to use the up to date version for a new site, and keep old version for an old one ?

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I will reply to myself…

It t seems possible, I t tried this :

  • I renamed the file : newname.rapidweavertheme

  • I edited the file /Contents/Theme.plist inside the theme container with :

    New Name

and it seems to be enough and works…

Is it OK ?

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Yes that approach is fine I believe. I’ve taken a similar approach in the past by duplicating themes and renaming them as a new theme.

Worth mentioning that if one desires they can change the image/icon view of the theme as well for a quicker visual identification

Something to take note of… themes who have had their names changed will not be able to be updated using RapidWeaver’s in-built theme updater. Just something to keep in mind.

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