What stack can duplicate a WordPress pop-up bar?

This nifty little pop-up has an action to follow the site. Are there any stacks, etc that can do this in RW?


Foundation 6 has a Dropdown component that can be used to build something like that.


Perfect! Thanks! I never thought about a menu on another part of the page for other actions!

CSS and Javascript Code Warriors can rejoice.

Since this menu is just like any other modal dialog, this code could be modified and placed in a HTML/CSS stack or a RW theme that can accommodate.

menu modal

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PopDrop by BWD does exactly this. It’s a stack. No need for code etc.


Oh, and it’s free.


Hi, I have used that on another site and liked it’s ease of use - I never thought to apply it for my latest brainstorm.

All the RW/stacks developers are creating items so fast, it’s hard for an occasional web site maker to keep up!!!


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