What steps do I take after building my website?

(Tyler) #1

I just finished my website and looking for the steps on what I need to do next?
What site is the best for purchasing your domain? What do I do after that?

I’m so new to Rapidweaver and website building.

(scott williams) #2

Greg at chillidog will get you up and going quick and easy. @barchard.

Since you are not experienced that would be my advise.

(Lisa Sandler) #3

As Scott said, @barchard (Greg) of https://www.chillidoghosting.com/ is the one to help you :slight_smile:

(Doug Bennett) #4

You will need a domain and a hosting company. You might want to check out CHillidog:
You can buy your domain and setup and hosting account (account start at $5 a month) in one place.

Greg(@barchard) who runs Chillidog is also a add-on developer for RapidWeaver.

(Tyler) #5

Just sent him a message, thanks everyone!

(Gregory Barchard) #7

responded! thanks guys and well played @SteveB :slight_smile:

(tim parsons) #8

nah, i take my dogs for a walk :slight_smile:


(Tyler) #9

The email never came through… Can you email me again?

(Gregory Barchard) #10

resent as requested.

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #11

@tylerrock08, for Mac and RapidWeaver friendly Hosting and Domain http://www.littleoak.net is a good option. LittleOak is a RapidWeaver Web Hosting Partner with 24/7 Live Chat support, very helpful and friendly staff.

(Michael Lever) #12

Important to remember that you don’t actually own the domain name as such: You pay to buy but every year or two, depending upon from whom you bought it, you have to pay to renew it. Whilst you ‘own’ it you get first refusal on renewal. If you don’t renew or forget then the domain name can be sold to anyone else.

If you are UK based, it’s useful to note too that if you buy a domain with suffix co.uk then you get first refusal to buy .uk only.

My sites are hosted by a small hosting company in UK who send me an invoice as a reminder. I daresay other hosting companies send reminders/invoice but it’s advisable to keep a note of the domain renewal date to avoid renewal being overlooked.