Help me! I am confused!

So somehow several years ago my hubby and I figured out how to create a website using Rapid Weaver. I discontinued use BUT it is still on my desktop with all of the content. I would like to revive this site, change its name and continue using it. I have let my godaddy acct expire. I am wondering how I can use what I have already created and continue without starting all over!

Do you know what version of RapidWeaver was used to create the website?

RW version…your OS version…Your stacks version if you use that.
Always willing to help.

Rapid Weaver 6

Well if you want to go with RapidWeaver 8, then it will still be able to open up RapidWeaver 6 project files. You can then just keep building from your existing site. RW6 is obviously still functional. Although I think that it is no longer supported on Mojave.

If you still have RapidWeaver 6 you don’t need RapidWeaver 8.

Not exactly true, it all depends on what version of macOS she has. Preview in the App itself does not work in High Sierra or newer. Now, you can preview in a browser, but that is not always the best for everyone.

A link to your current website would also help (if it is still up, as you said this in your original post)

So if you have the theme and it previews fine in your macOS Version, all you need to do now is sign up for hosting. I would not go back to GoDaddy, I would look into Chillidog Hosting -

Once that is set up you can then publish that site again. @barchard is the owner of Chillidog and is on these forums and can and will help you in any way.


:wave: @laurafreeman as @zeebe kindly mentioned, I run Chillidog and am happy to help get your site published. If you’re interested, send me a direct message and we can get into some more specifics.


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Thanks~ Sorry it was blocking me from replying. Yes I have RapidWeaver 6. I will look into chillidoghosting when I get a chance. Thanks for the help

I have RapidWeaver 3.5 on my office computer… and I was able to open it the other day.

But I’m on 8 & love it – but depends on your needs – and your MacOS (like mentioned above :slight_smile:

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