Add on pre sale

(Maria Antonette ) #1

Hi everyone I am new here. I just have a questions. If I buy all these add on that I need for my project site. Is this a one time buy? Can I use this forever and use it to other website I will build in future?? These are other questions , I have ;

  1. Can I build a community with Rapid weaver 7??
  2. Can a member have profile and my website recognize the user? so when they put a comment it shows that it’s them??
  3. Regarding Hosting, what is the best Hosting I should get? Please advise.

(Jason Bostick) #2

Most add-ons you buy once and use on as many websites as you like. There are a few exceptions (Total CMS and Sitelok are two that come to my mind, where you pay per-domain).

I’ll let others chime in on the other questions (though I suspect you might need to give some more detail) other than to say that Chillidog is well-regarded as a Rapidweaver-friendly host as the owner is active on these forums and is also a Rapidweaver developer so he knows the software well. Lots of other good hosts out there (I’ve personally had good experiences with Dreamhost, In Motion Hosting, and Bluehost) but Chillidog has a good rep around here.

(Maria Antonette ) #3

Ok , I will check, but how about building a community , can I? in rapid weaver7 ? I check the dolphins - Boonex but I was not impressed.

(Jason Bostick) #4

Not totally sure what you mean by build a community. Sitelok by Vibralogix would probably do some of it, but I’m not sure there’s anything “out of the box” that is meant to do with that Boonex platform claims to do (I just googled them, I don’t have any experience in ‘community building’ websites).

(Jan Fuellemann) #5

Hi. Rapidweaver is not the tool to build a community forum with. I suggest you have a look at for a very nice alternative. I use Rapidweaver to build all my client’s websites. From these sites I link to the forum page or I use an iFrame to embedd the forum site into my site.

Regarding your question: Besides Rapidweaver I suggest you get Stacks and one Framework like foundry to built your solutions. It is a one time fee and you can use it for as many sites you like. This way you have a blank canvas to work with and are not restricted to any themes.