Where are the files?

Just purchased Rapidweaver for a try and I’m already very puzzled…
When creating a new website, where are all the pages, CSS and other files?
How can I make the needed changes, if I can’t somehow watch the code and perform the tweaks?
For instance:
• Change or add images to theme backgrounds (Header and/or container).
• Insert links to text and/or images to send visitor on a specific page of the site.
• Put the proposed sidebar to the left when this choice isn’t offered in the theme’s inspector.
Thanks in advance for any hint.

P.S. Actually having a try with the Raison theme.

Check here for an introduction into RapidWeaver:



Thanks Jannis for this important clarification. Very useful for a lot of tweaks.
Yet, I still can’t get to the files. For instance, I should just add an image to the list of header background images. This can’t be done from the CSS.
I made an export. Now, I can see the structure. But how to act on the basic one?

RapidWeaver doesn’t work that way.

You have to check the theme documentation if the developer has foreseen this.

But it seems you should directly jump to a framework.

I must be a little dummy, I guess, but I don’t grab the nuance between “Foundry” and “Foundation”… Are those different things, with other functionalities or theme fiddling?
As I’m more into testing out CSS changes in manual mode, the simplicity of use must be, somehow, a sort of terrible and alien challenge…
In front of my idea to update my old website, I feel like a helpless child wondering if he’ll ever get to succeed anyway.
Am I a isolated case?
How can I find a way to use RapidWeaver in order to get the look, the closest possible with the original, I’d like to give to my renewed website?
Is there a link to some, in this purpose, dedicated tutorials website?
Is it easier to create ones own theme then transforming one to fit?
Are there hidden features in RapidWeaver?
Oh! Dear! Please help me!

B.T.W : Went to have a look at instacks.com… Hum! Also don’t really grab what “stacks” are about. Must agree my english isn’t that developed to follow everything, yet, I thing it is the concept in itself that bothers me. I’ll keep digging into instacks.com to see if I’ll find some comprehension in there.

You find all information for the Stacks Plugin on http://yourhead.com

Thanks Jannis for your quick answer.
I’ll take my courage and will drill my way into it.