Where can I find a list of S3 keyboard shortcuts?

I know only a few of the standards; L to show & hide the Stacks library, 1, 2 & 3 to change stacks views, command-R to preview, but there’s many more I’d like to use, the biggest being… how to “escape” out of the ‘Image Adjusting’ section, as it sometimes jumps to this feature by accidentally clicking an image, and I’d like to have the shortcut to ‘escape’ from it without using the mouse.

The standard Mac shortcuts don’t allow for clicking actions, only menu and keyboard actions (that I know of, I never was able to figure out how to assign shortcuts to clicking actions).

Please let me know where I can find a list of S3 keyboard shortcuts.



You might find that one of these helps - albeit indirectly:

KeyBoard Maestro

I’ve used the first two, and found they work very well. Good luck!

There is a complete legend of Stacks shortcuts inside the Stacks preferences window.

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I too find that when you select an image (accidentally) it displays it in full. Changing to one of the other two scales of View helps by returning you to the Stacks view. But perhaps there’s an even better way?

MarkSealey and JW, thanks for the info.

I was looking everywhere for the Stacks preferences and figured it didn’t exist. After JW’s reply, I know that I didn’t look everywhere and found it hidden in the bottom right corner. It does seem a little limited with shortcuts and I already knew of these shortcuts, so now I’ll look at MarkSealey’s suggestions for 3rd party shortcut solutions.

Thanks for the help!