Preview of Hidden Stack

Hiding stacks is a great way to reduce clutter and shorten a RW page in edit mode, but it’s a problem when time comes to make a change to something in one of the many hidden stacks. I suggest some way to mouse over preview the hidden stack. Option click or otherwise


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That would be very cool

@SteveB, Well of course that’s not how I suggest it would work! Something like hold down the option key and mouse hover over the hidden stack and a SMALL preview would appear. Some indication of what’s in the hidden stack.

As it is now, hiding a lot of stacks on a page is useless unless you know 100% for sure you are done working on them. I stopped hiding them because the time to hide, show, and then hide them again is much greater than the time to scroll the page.

i’ll consider adding more shortcuts there, but i’m pretty hesitant to make it much more flexible. in general, if you have tons of things you’re hiding – i’d recommend just trying to build simpler pages. :wink:

you can, today, use keyboard shortcuts (look in the stacks preferences for a cheat sheet of them). there are one key shortcuts for both moving the selection around and hiding/unhiding a stack. not as fast as hover, but it’s better than nothing. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

ok, now a short discussion on UI idioms.

in general, i try to stick to tried and true macOS idioms when designing UI/UX. there are good reasons for that:

  • when a new version of macOS comes out i don’t have to redesign.
  • they work with all types of input devices.
  • they’re consistent between apps.
  • and probably most importantly: people who need Accessibility UX changes get them automatically.

hover is used for a few things – but not many. i’m not certain why apple avoids it, but i would guess that it’s probably because Accessibility uses hover gestures for many things – and they don’t want to complicate other UI with it.

@isaiah, Where do I find the stacks preferences to view the cheat sheet?

I agree that probably the best solution is shorter pages, and this page of mine is certainly long, but my desire for this was to get a person to the page, and then have them continue to scroll down to view all that’s listed. The page is an inventory listing for an estate sale. I want viewers to just be on the page rather than jump from page to page.

I did find a few organizational tricks that greatly helped me working on this long page. First I grouped similar sections inside one column stacks. Then I created Partials for the section headers and clearly named those. I also use Joe Workman’s “Locker” stack to place notes on the page to ID sections.

About page complexity/speed:

The studies I’ve read suggest page speed is the single largest influencer on getting people to view the page or move on. If it’s too slow they give up much more quickly. A page with many things on it can be slow to load unless you take specific precautions against that.

About the prefs:

The button for the Stacks Prefs is in the bottom toolbar under the Info panel.

And the shortcuts tab is the second tab:

I see the prefs now! Thanks. I made some pref changes to a few things that I didn’t know about before.