Keyboard Shortcuts to open and close a text stack?

Are there any keyboard shortcuts to open and close a text stack for editing?

Not currently. But it’s a good idea.

Does anyone have any opinions on what they should be? I think the easiest is probably just to make it something like Cmd-Return.

If anyone wants to add this to the Stacks bug/feature tracker I’d appreciate it.


Command-Return would be perfect!

Cmd-Return is good, and ESC to close the editing window. Touch Bar control would be great too.

For getting out of the view the cmd-keys are dictated by very long tradition of macOS idioms:

Cmd-Return should be the same as clicking OK/Yes/:heavy_check_mark:
Esc should be the same as clicking Cancel/NO/X

So, I’ll probably just follow suit for that sort of thing.

Sounds good! This would really be a nice addition for those of us who are keyboard-centric.

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