Beginner Addons?

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I’m not new to web design, but pretty much new to Rapidweaver.

Just got Rapidweaver with Stacks 3. I’ve also noticed Foundry and Foundation and both looks very useful and either users on both seem to be fine with them.

Which one should I use for more customized website for clients? Trying to figure which of them more suitable for creating websites for clients.

Is there any other addons you recommend to have to get started?


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As for stacks for Stacks3 - Depends on your interests, goals, and needs… responsive layout, image warehousing, store, photography, writing…???

There are a lot of free one’s too that are great so a good place to start is to locate those and give them a try. (And if useful, do then give a donation as appropriate.) Some developers also have trial versions so you can try before you buy. Here’s one of many… There are a lot of good stack developers so be sure to check them all out. Read, read, and read, the “stack” forum here to get ideas, solutions, options, etc.

Some stacks are very very useful once you figure out why you need them… it’s not always apparent. For example, I used the 2 and 3 col stacks as normal, but fount that Adaptive Grid gives much better control of breakpoints, etc. Useful stack is another one where you need it, but you may not not know it.

Some stacks you just know you need because it’s obvious they fit your niche perfectly.

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Not sure if a lot of people know about the RapidWeaver Community page, but most of the developers are listed there
Here you can search for the type of stack you want and it will give you a list.

Also should look at Big White Duck stacks. Most of them can be used on all themes, some are specific to Foundation. They are free but if you could donate a coffee to the BWD, he would appreciate it!

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