Where does Rapidweaver 6 keep it's files?

I cannot find where Rapidweaver 6 stores my site’s files on my hard drive. I also would like to know how to use my FTP program to update my files on the server.


“Sites files”'are you talking about your project file or are you looking for each pages file? Have you actually exported your site to your local drive?

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When you create a website and save it with Rapidweaver, the program creates a single project file and stores everything - the text, images, styling etc. in that file.

When you upload your website using Rapidweaver, part of that process involves the program creating the individual files and folders that go to make up the website. If you want to see these on your hard drive instead of saving the project choose Export Site from the File menu, choose a destination fold and then RW will export the site to that folder. When you open it you’ll see the same structure as if you’d uploaded it to a web server with files, folders, index.html and all that stuff.

I almost always publish from within Rapidweaver and then use an FTP program to upload things like warehoused images or PDFs for downloading, stuff like that.

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