Where to set defaults for new projects?

I’ve come back to Rapidweaver after a while because I don’t do much web site development.

Now, whenever I create a new project, “General Settings” defaults to my old email address.

I want to change Rapidweaver’s default email address so that new projects have my updated address – rather than changing it individually each time I create a new project. But I haven’t found the place to do it.

Thanks in advance for any information.

What version of RW are you using. Mine with RW7 comes up blank in the email address.

I’ve got version 7.5.5.

I probably set the default email address six or seven years ago when I first got Rapidweaver, and have simply forgotten where I set it. The old default email address just propagated through all the new versions. Maybe the later versions don’t even have a place to set it.


Back in RW6 it used the address you registered the product with, there was no place to change or set it. I don’t think there is aplace to set it. I always blanked mine out, and now the new projects come up with the email empty.

I’ll try blanking it out a few times. Thanks.

You seem to be pretty experienced.

The Realmac site’s contact link brings up an “UH OH. THAT PAGE DOESN’T EXIST. That page isn’t here anymore.” Do you know any way to contact Realmac? I’d like to update my registration email address anyway.

No I don’t know what happened to it. @dan @Aaron @ben, how are folks to contact you now?

@NSPalmer @teefers You can always send us an email at support@realmacsoftware.com

You can also visit https://help.realmacsoftware.com/support/ and click on the little blue icon in the bottom right to start a new “conversation” versus “ticket”

We did just move to a new support system, so apologies for the awkwardness.

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