Update email address for contact us page

I’ve created a new email address and put it on the contact form, but in the setup for that page, I’m not able to change the address from the old one to the new.


Hi Nancy, welcome to the forums.

Can you be a little more descriptive please and possibly a screenshot of your form in edit mode with Inspector open to the email field

What Version of RapidWeaver?
What Theme & version?
Are you using a form stack/plugin, which one and version?
Are you just using the Theme’s default Form Page Type?


Hi Brad
RapidWeaver 5.3.2
Theme: Default (HV Mondrian Dropdown2 copy)
No stack
Default form page type, I think.

Screen shots show I entered new email address on contact form (clinicsupervisor@hillsborospecialtyclinics.org) but in the page setup, the email address field doesn’t allow me to update from the old address (lschroedter@hillsborospecialtyclinics.org)

RealMac allows only one image in reply, so I’ll send second screen shot in next reply.


Hey, thanks for the info, try enabling the checkbox beside site settings email address. It likely is not editable because it is disabled :wink: so not really used on the website at all and therefore no need to change, but enable it, change it, press ok, save project, go back into site preferences and disable the email address field again.

This email address is used by footer areas of Themes and can also be pulled in by stacks as a ‘contact us’ link.


So simple! Why was I blind to see that?
Thank you, Brad.

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So happy it was an easy one :wink: Don’t beat yourself up, it happens when you look at something too long, sometime s a fresh set of eyes is all that is needed :slightly_smiling: