Where's each page's URL

I have a site where one of the pages ISN’T visible in navigation. Where do I find the URL for this page so I can just put it into the browser and go to it?

Do you have the ‘Show in Navigation’ ticked for that page?

Look at the Folder and page name in the RW Inspector panel for that page. It will show the path and the page name. In my screenshot it is the home page so it’s Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration - MyDomain.com

Last resort, FTP to the server to see the URL.

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No, I have this page hidden intentionally.

I tried MorningMooseShow/MooseDemoPage.html but get a

Not Found

The requested URL was not found on this server.

That is because you are using ‘page’ as the directory.
So try:


that did it. Thank you

You should name your folders and always keep the file name index.html or index.php

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Yes, as Joemart says.

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Roger that. Thanks Joe. Thanks Ruyton

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