Lost Page location in project:(

I really hope someone can help
I’m using RapidWeaver 7 on a Mac mini running OS X El Capitan
I have used the wonderful software to create my website/s.

I added a page 2 years ago and located it as separate to my main website.
Now I can’t find the page!
I want to be able to add a link from the main page to this and I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find it DOH!
I’ve got FileZilla and I’m hosted in the U.K at Krystal.
I can see the page on my Filezilla AND on my hosting CPanel
When I open my project I can’t see where the page is?
I can’t for the life of me remember how I even created the page. (!)
Here’s the page https://www.maryenglish.com/homeopathy/

Here’s my main site https://www.maryenglish.com/

When I open Rapidweaver this is what I see:

Can you help?
Is there somewhere I’ve missed looking?
Thank you!

Hi Mary, it looks as though you’ve accidentally deleted it from your project. When you remove a page like this it will no longer display on your website but Rapidweaver doesn’t remove pages from the server, which is why you can still find it, even though it’s not part of the site any more.

The good news is that the page is still there so if I were you, I’d simply create the page again in Rapidweaver and then copy and paste the content from the live web page into your RW project. The good news is that apart from the button, it’s just text, so as long as you use ‘Paste as Plain Text’ from Rapidweaver’s edit menu when you paste the text back in, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Then you can publish the page again and it’ll re-appear as part of the site.

Best of luck.


Dear Rob,
Thank you!
I’ll do that, copying is easy and I can relocate it.
One last question, as the page still exists on the server I presume i can delete it from there and nothing strange will happen?
Sorry for the daft question
Thank you

If you delete the page on the server it will be gone so copying it would be impossible. Once you have copied it and relocated the page then you can delete it.

Hi Teefers,
Thanks! I’ve copied and done that already, I sort of answered my own question soon after I’d written it:)
In Peace

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