Which business theme?


Am looking to rebrand my business and move from my non-mobile friendly Wordpress site. So I am looking for a theme. My business is delivering training courses so looking for something that is enables the customer to find what they want. I am not interested in sliders etc as they are not that relevant to the business.

Are Rapid weaver themes generally free rom being injected by code?

My understanding is that Rapidweaver has few - if any - of the vulnerabilities that plague WordPress.

You’ll find plenty of themes here


and there’s a great list of developers here


Lots there that would be good for a business.


Without doubt, the biggest weak spot of Wordpress is the backend database; where all the website data and settings are stored. If that gets compromised then there is a strong possibility your website will be damaged.

Statistically you’ll probably find Wordpress is more secure than a lot of other publishing platforms out there. But because Wordpress useage is so high, that might give the impression of Wordpress being more susceptible to being hacked. Also the use of Wordpress by some high profile businesses and websites naturally makes it a honeypot for hackers and alike. So you’ve got to look at Wordpress security rationally.

No website is 100% secure. The best you can do is to mitigate risk.

RapidWeaver does not have a database (it generates static webpages), so the threat of a RapidWeaver website being hacked is greatly reduced. In instances where I’ve seen a RapidWeaver website compromised in the past, it has been the result of a forced-entry somewhere else, like software on the web server being allowed to become outdated or a hacker gaining access to website files using easy-to-guess passwords.

There are hundreds of possible themes that could be used for business websites. A Google search will reveal many. Likewise there are a great many addons for laying-out business pages and allowing comparisons of products or services etc.


Thank you for putting my mind at rest regarding the securty of RapidWeaver websites. There are hundreds of possible themes - find it hard to choose one :slightly_smiling:

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