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Hi everyone,
we’ve been using Rapid Weaver for a while now so I thought Its about time I introduced myself.
I’m one of the founders of Slydog Softworks in the UK, we engineer progressive platforms to assist with social media, mainly developing apps for iPhone, iPad etc.
We’re now in the process of delivering web based solutions for our apps so have chosen Rapid Weaver :slight_smile:

We have developed many stacks so far and will package up and release some that we feel may be of use to RW users in the near future.

Anyway my question is, is there any Plugin development documentation anywhere?
I did view the knowledge base at the bottom of the main site but It states
“the page isn’t here anymore”.



Don’t know if it’s current but GitHub has some

You also might want to mention Dan (@dan) or Simon (@simon) when you post as they will then see this faster and they are the best people to talk to. If you do not get a response from them, I would also suggest contacting Realmac Support


Look forward to what you are going to making for the RapidWeaver community!!

I know with the theme developers kit, the moved the addendums be stored on the knowledge base, but the original “big” documentation (rw4) was still on GitHub, along with some of the addendums. Now the link to the knowledge base is broken.

start with RWPluginKit – that should get you started.
then have a look through the RWKit headers. that’ll let you know what’s possible.

feel free to ask questions. i’m also on Slack here: – if you want to ask questions privately.


Thanks very much for the replies everyone :slight_smile:

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