Which Themes can you import a full width NickCates SuperFlex 3 Banner Into?


I am trying to implement a full width SuperFlex 3 Banner, which themes can you import a full width SuperFlex 3 Banner Into? I have tried with Voyager Pro and it doesn’t work at all. The SuperFlex 3 slideshow seems to work fine as ExtraContent 2 though in Voyager Pro. Has anyone tried this with “Writer”, “Forward” or “Strata” Themes? I am guessing “Writer” is the newest theme.

I want to replace my boring Static Banner : www.performanceeuc.com

The theme you choose has to have 100% full width option. You should be good with nick cates themes.

For the topic of your site: try using the banner from @1LittleDesigner at: http://onelittledesigner.com/rapidweaver-stack/heroic-banner/

It features a very neat parallax effect which should go nicely with GotWay.


That new stack from 1LD that Jan mentions does look pretty cool.

By the way, those unicycles look super fun (although I’d almost certainly kill myself).

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Thanks Jason. I don’t know I have turned 45 and ridden one for over 1200km without incident. After the first 100km the fear of immanent death subsides :grin:

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