Why are these tracking files in my RW project?

(PW Parker ) #1

Watching the s.l.o.w upload & saw some very unusual .php files being uploaded:

DoubleClickBidManager.php + many, many more

Why are they in my RW project? How the heck do I get rid of them???

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #2

I guess because some stacks are having them in their content.

(Rob D) #3

It would be good to know which stack injects these files and for what purpose. If you ever find out, please, let us know.

(PW Parker ) #4

I noticed it when updating my contact form (Formloom3 v1.0.0) There are no other stacks, etc on the page. 155 files uploaded for this simple form!

I’ve had this project for many years with many versions of RW. Is it possible that these files got in my project some other way?

I changed a foundation page & uploaded to see if the files are also there. (37 files total) Nope. just social media png that I haven’t added to that page.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

(Stuart) #5


These files are, I believe, just part of a Google PHP library that Formloom uses. They are authored by Google and licensed under Apache.

Absolutely nothing to be concerned about as far as I can see.

(PW Parker ) #6

Thank you! I knew there would be a logical answer!

(Rob D) #7

Hi, @kryten,

The names of those files suggest they belong to well-known spammers (OK… marketers). So, why oh why would Google make them part of their library?

(David) #8

Maybe because Google owns most or all of them?

(Rob D) #9

@thang, @kryten,
Fair enough, David, so there is no way for Formloom to strip those files from its output, or at least make them optional?

(PW Parker ) #10

Please do not consider my question to be negative against this stack or the developer… I am very pleased with the company & the products.

I was just not sure these were legit files.