Can someone... ANYONE tell me WTF is going on here?

I can’t get images to STAY in my site. EVERY DAMN time I spend hours replacing them all (hundreds), they are gone the next time I open a resaved copy. I can only try to guess what is going on…

  • I’ve copied already-created pages and replaced content to create new pages of a similar look (like a template)
  • Same with image boxes. I’ve copied and pasted an image box from one page to others

Is there some SPECIFIC method to putting images into a page besides drag and drop??

This may not help you but I’ve noticed if I duplicate a RW out in the finder that the images (via drag and drop) do not carry over to the duplicate file. Maddening. But if I have the file open in RW and do “save as” then the new project file is fine.

For this, and several other, reasons there’s a number of folks who choose to warehouse all/most of their images. Essentially this means manually uploading to a folder in your server area, copy URL, and then using that URL for the image within RW. (I’m skipping a lot of details because I have a busy day at work.) Take this approach works perfectly. But you’d need an FTP app and to be organized. But it’s fail safe. Please note that not all relevant image stacks work with warehousing, but about 90% do.

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Hmmm… ok. I already do that for all of my videos so I get the process…

One thing I don’t get is how to use the URL for the image. Unless you make it a background image… or something other than an image box?

Might check this out:


OK! I’ll check it out…

I’ve been warehousing all my images… there are many. BUT, one problem is how do you make an image linkable to another page using the “embed” stack?

Drop the stacks you want to assign a link to inside a LinkBox stack.

Sweet. I knew there had to be a simple solution. I’ve been using RW for years… didin’t know about S4S…

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