Why not use Rapidweaver as a frontend design and theme development tool for Wordpress?

Since it’s a no brainer that Rapidweaver is the best web design tool, why not tap into the vast Wordpress ecosystem and monetize existing Rapidweaver assets like themes, stacks and skills?

I played around with a few intermediary Wordpress theme conversion tools and found the Pinegrow Theme Converter to be the best one - and also compatible with Rapidweaver. Meaning, Pinegrow could import a project created by Rapidweaver for conversion into a Wordpress theme. Quite impressive. Elementor killa? :heart_eyes: :joy:

Here is link on how the Pinegrow Wordpress Theme Converter works.

Pinegrow Wordpress Theme Converter

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I don’t know what the point of all this is now?

I don’t see any advantages.

I think WordPress has its advantages. However, I am not aware of them.
And RW has its advantages.
But mix both, why?

Wordpress is building a theme and design builder as part of the core. I just don’t see this being of value considering the amount of changes that would have to be maintained. RW as a core product can be very effective. It is possible to make bloated websites. But Wordpress is almost always bloated. The functionality of the core for the price makes these two APPs two different markets and animals. If RW @realmac, forgets this they will loose. RW must keep the sophistication simple and bloat free.

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