Can I use Rapidweaver as a web site designing tool?


I am a PHP programmer.

Generally, my workflow has the following step:

  1. The design team give me the design of the website (.html, .css, etc.).
  2. I add javascript to make the .html file function properly so that the customer can test it
  3. I create a whole website again, this time using PHP (PHP do the work of connect to database & prepare data as well as replace the static content of the .html with the one from the database. While the .html is just a template)

What I would like to do is to design a new website using Rapidweaver and then export it contents into a .html, .css, etc. (just like what I get from the design team).

Is this possible?

Thank you in advance,

P.S. I am not an English native speaker, so please pardon my poor English.

Well, since RapidWeaver produces html, css and javascript (and php), you could certainly do that. However, I’d have thought that the best way to use RW is to add the php to RW and then export everything.

Hello peterdanckwerts,

Thank you for your advice. I just download the trial version and will try it out soon.

After give it a few try, I think this is not what I am looking for. The tool is good for what it is, but for me it has quite a lot of limitation. I prefer to working directly with the code (PHP, HTML, CSS, etc.) where I can add any code that I want exactly where I want, the way I want.

I think a better solution for me is to buy a theme/template for about 20 USD and work from that point on.

If you prefer to code… RapidWeaver is not for you. “Advanced” designers use it but I think it is really designed for the novice who want to just drop and drag design.

Thank you very much 1611mac. I just come across an abandonware (not sure if this is the correct term) called Macaw. It is closer to what I want. Wonder why they do not continue the development.

Hi wvit2016,
Take a look at Pinegrow. I believe you will like it.


For what you are interested in doing, I would use Coda. It seems you want something that is easier for a coder to use but can also output the HTML.


Thank you very much, I will give it a try.


That’s right.

I already use Coda as my coding tool. What I want is a designing tool that output .html (as well as css, etc.) The current process (if I am not getting the design by the design team) is I will create a design in Affinity Designer (Illustrator). Then when the customer is satisfy with the design, I will have to manually code the html. After that I will begin my php code.

Maybe you are interested in Pattern Lab. That creates static html pages from style guides. Quite modern approach though.


Thank you very much.