Why use Private Registration for Website?

Network Solutions hosts my websites.
They keep sending me notices that my “Private Registration” is about to expire.

They are very good at reminding me about services I can buy from them. Sometimes I sign up for them because I don’t have time to research whether or not it is a good idea. Sometimes I do this accidentally because I am not diligent about opting out when I navigate through their myriad screens.

My question is why would I want private registration? Is there a benefit that confers to me from this? Does it somehow make my website credentials more secure from pirates?

I think that the only advantage is that it stops your email address from being publicly available to every spammer in the world. If your site has been up for some time, it’s probably too late anyway.

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My original thoughts had to do with privacy but then I figured whoever wanted to know who owned my company could probably figure it out with just a couple of clicks.

I used to be very careful about shredding credit card offers etc in order to protect my identity. Now I just put them in the recycle. Google knows everything. My test website is only a couple of weeks old but a discussion about it on this forum was about the 5th entry on the first page of a google search of my keywords.

Is amazing. I can research a kitchen sink dimension for a customer then all of a sudden I am served a bunch of offerings for kitchen faucets.

More than just email is available. Mailing addresses, phone and fax numbers, etc.
You can have a look of what’s publicly available here:


Try a lookup for a company that doesn’t have privacy setup like microsoft.com

You could transfer your domain/s to someone like Namecheap or Dynadot who have privacy included.

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And, you’ll save money over Network Solutions too!

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Hover.com (a subsidiary of Tucows includes privacy also)

Before you decide which hosting company to choose, read this and draw your conclusions.

EDIT: From my own experience: I used to have a host that I was totally satisfied with. Then, EIG acquired that hosting company and everything (mostly support) went south, very abruptly.

So, I chose one of the hosts listed in Non-EIG Hosting Brands on this website (link above) and I am very glad I did.

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