Wide nav-bar icon with title (too wide for iPhone) - how better?

(RW8, Stacks, Foundry)

Hi and good day,

Some problem here for finding a strategy with a nav-bar icon (with header/ title) which is too wide for the iPhone device.


  1. Why doesn’t the image scale down further, it scales down for the tablet…

  2. Alternatively, if this can’t be done from inside RW8/ Foundry, I wouldn’t mind either:

2a. To set a smaller image version of the ‘nav-bar icon with title’ (how is this done - if possible)?

2b. To set in the CSS a media query (of sorts) for a smaller image.

So the question is really which way to go from here.

I’d prefer to have the page header / title at the very top, but I’m open to all suggestions!

With best regards,
Omar KN

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