Winter Warmer Deal at Doobox

(Doobox Software) #1


Ending soon, so don’t miss out on this incredible deal. Find out more here…

(Paul Rowe) #2

I surely would take advantage if only you would build in warehoured images functionality - would be keen to learn why you are averse to the concept of warehoused imagery.


(Doobox Software) #3

Answered here: Why don't we wharehouse images?

(Ken) #4

@csmltd I think you have got the pros & cons in the ref @doobox has given below. I would simply say - why go to the fag of warehousing when you are probably only going to use the stack for perhaps 1 image only. I’ve got most of Doobox’s stacks and they work brilliantly without warehousing. Don’t cut yourself off from great stacks because someone has given you the perception that warehousing is a ‘must’. It’s the flavor of the day, and IMHO only really matters if you have a whacking great trading site with hundreds plus of products (as one example).

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