New Swell stack by Doobox

Hi there,

Today Doobox launched the latest stack “Swell”. An image popping light-box, designed to be used throughout your page content. It has a selection of preset hover effects, and a unique way of transitioning from the image in the page to the light-box when the user interacts with an image.
It’s mobile smart too! There’s no point in trying to expand an image that already fills your screen width, so it won’t ever try.

Find out more, and see a demo of the stack in action at the brand new Doobox website.

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Very nice. The Round animation is a peach.

Very slick animation. Does it support warehoused images?

No it doesn’t Gary and isn’t in Doobox’s plans to add I believe

Nothing Doobox makes offers support for warehoused images. I have long advocated not warehousing images in Rapidweaver websites. I believe it goes against everything Rapidweaver and the Stacks plugin was designed for. Not to mention…

  • No page load speed improvements.
  • No way to have a stack optimise images on the fly.
  • No way to have a stack manipulate image proportions on the fly.
  • Extra level of complexity in the stack.

There is no upside in my opinion, bar compatibility with some third party CMS solutions. While this maybe handy for the power user, I don’t wan’t to add this extra level of complexity to our stacks. And for some of our stacks that optimise or manipulate your images on the fly when you drop them into the stack, it’s impossible.


It’s interesting to see a difference of opinion about warehousing, @Doobox. I’ve preferred warehousing because it keeps the project file smaller, but you make some good points.

re: warehousing

Thanks for giving the explanation why you choose not to add that to your stacks, Gary.

I also understand why others like it. Different users have different needs.

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Call me old school. But I still like to think of Rapidweavers as people that don’t want any complexity in their day. Drag, drop, done. :smiley:


You are old school. I would say that most RapidWeavers want flexible solutions to meet todays and tomorrows needs. It is up to developers to remove complexity or to simplify the design yet still retain those options. Stacks3 was a huge leap forward in this respect and child stacks are one elegant way to achieve this.

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Ok, well if you want image related stacks that allow you to use images warehoused on your server then Doobox is not the place to look. But if you want stacks that work with your images to optimise them, take all the complexity of your deployment, and improve your page load speeds, then were the boys :slight_smile:

Seriously though. This is what we do, and this is what we have always done. We take away everything that is unnecessary clutter. This is our market, and this is why we have had a great following for many years.


Which is perfect and leaves room for other, smaller developers to step into :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

As a developer, you cannot be everybody’s darling.

My 2c


That’s absolutely right. There are definitely two camps within the Rapidweaver community. Those that want to tweak every last thing, and those that just want to get the job done with minimum effort. I often refer to “Mavis”, the hypothetical lady that owns that corner shop, and decides it’s high time to get with the times and build a website. If Mavis can’t use our stacks without support, then we feel we failed.



“Now Mavis, we have to choose between warehoused images or project embedded. What do you want to use?”
Mavis: " Ooh, I don’t reallllly knowwwww"

Did I get it? :wink:


Hi, I could use swell in a new art project, but I need to set the overlay to 100% black. In the settings I do not see any overlay control, could you add this? @Doobox

Thank you


Add this to the css input in the page inspector for the page you are using Swell :

    opacity:1 !important;
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Thank you. Works fine. Is there a way to add a z-index as a “scroll-to” icon from the scroll to stack of foundry overlaps the picture if it is swelled?

You’ll need to show me an example, and explain what I’m looking for. What do I click, where do I look, What appears over the top of what exactly.?

Sure: go to scroll down and click on the b/w image. You will see the red Scroll to Top icon visible in the right lower corner. I would love to be able to hide it behind the swell overlay image.

    z-index:1001 !important;
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