Working with myExtraContent 4 slideshow

I am very new Rapid Weaver and I purchased the Stripped Theme and in the ExtraContent 4 area the creator’s example shows a slideshow effect. I am using the “free style1” sub theme( The manual says, “Adding a slide show stack: drag your slide show stack in the ExtraContent stack and select EC4 in the settings of your stack. Add your images as described in the tutorial of the stack.”, from what I understand that implies you need to purchase a slide show stack so my real question here is what slide show stack to use and once I have it how would I go about using the stack to add it to the header image on my “home” page.

Thanks for the help.

There are a ton of them out there, but take a look at these:
Cycler - by Joe Workman
MovingBox - by Joe Workman
Both will let you do more than just images, if you want that, but work great with just images as well. You will also want the ExtraContent stack.

Put the ExtraContent stack on your stacks page, then set it to EC 4 in the settings. Drop the Slideshow stack into the EC stack and add your images. Should work with out issue. As long as the instructions from the theme developer are correct.

Thanks! I will try that!