Formatting Paragraph Text

I have a Foundry paragraph stack on one of my web pages.
It has a 20 px margin at the left and has a fairly pleasant visual composition when I am looking at it inside of RapidWeaver.

When I publish it to the web the text all slams to the left of the screen with no margin.

These two jpegs show the difference:

What should I be doing differently?

It’s hard to say just looking at images. Since you did a publish could you provide a URL?

Did you put it all inside a Container stack? If not try that. With text is shouldn’t be too wide for readability reasons. Try setting the container to 800 px wide or even smaller. That would be the first step.

If you are already using a paragraph within a container then things are different.

And, yes, a URL would be helpful.

I think I solved my problem.
I am going to take a look at container stacks however.

Here is my practice site:

Right now I am putting most of my content into grids that I got from Foundry Potion Pack.

I have decided for the time being to go with one column wide for all devices. This most closely emulates my original website format that many people have applauded for it’s simplicity.

I am experimenting with different pages right now. My goal is to have every page launch from essentially the same page. I am not a big fan of nested menus because they require so much memorization about how to get back to where you were. Is kind of like trying to get a Canon Speedlite to do what it did just this morning.

The attached image shows what my original launch page looks like.
It starts with a page called blog then blends into a page called more blog.

I am hoping to be able to just compose words on a page and then turn them into links.

A great example of what I don’t want is the sliding gallery on my “Tile Walls” page. Is much to much work to navigate.

The page called HOODFANS shows in list format some of the things you need to pay attention to when selecting a hood fan. I don’t like how the text bores you to death. I think some images mixed in with that block of information would be more engaging.

Only the first two projects on the gallery page have actual links. If you click on them they will take you to more information about those projects.

This will show you how elegant it is to reference Project 2 - Picture 3.

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