Text wrapping and Foundation image stack

I’m looking for a way to get text wrapping around an image in the Foundation framework.

Currently I have a 2 column stack with an image and a paragraph stack. When I set the image to Float, the text floats over the image instead of around.

The image below shows the 2 column foundation stack, the text directly below is the effect I’m trying to achieve. This is done with a standard rapid weaver text block and an image dropped into this text block.

Can this be done with the foundation stacks?

I always use Paragraph Pro from Big White Duck to achieve that effect.

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Thanks NeilUK. I works indeed! Now I understand how this is done, I can apply it to the foundation stacks as well :slight_smile: It’s done in the exact same way as with Paragraph Pro:

Get a 1 column stack, drop in an image stack and a paragraph stack. Set the Image stack Layout -> Fill Mode -> Float. It automaticly places the image on the left-side of the text.

How do you get the image to align to the right side of the text?

You don’t need an image stack. Paragraph Pro has its own floating image child stack. In the Paragraph Pro stack you should see a blue circle with a + in it. Click that and select “floating image”. You can control the alignment within the stack itself.

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