Youplay stack - multiple instances

Hey all,

I bought the youplay stack a couple of days ago. I have a site where I need to use two instances of this stack on the same page.

The manual for the stack says this is possible BUT the “Load more” buttons won’t work in this scenario and they should be hidden. No problem.

However the moment I add a second instance of this stack to the page then neither one loads videos from YouTube any longer.

I sent a message to Rapid-Ideas for support but haven’t heard back yet.

Does anyone else have this stack and can tell me if there’s something I need to do to get two instances running on the same page?


I’ve just tried it and the same thing happens to me. 8-(

Well at least I know it’s not just me. Lol I configured the first instance and it works great but if I can’t get two running then it was a wasted purchase. :-/

Hopefully Rapid Ideas will get back to you with a solution.

Hi. I was looking to buy this stack, is the API key necessary to use this stack or can I just use an url? Thanks!

You need an API key.

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I never have heard back from Rapid Ideas. Does anyone know if they are still active?

I contacted their support a few months ago because their Social Stream stack stopped displaying Facebook posts for weeks but never heard back. Works fine now though.

I’ve been using their YouPlay stack for years on more than 200 pages and never had a problem with it. I’ve never used it more than once on a page though.

I do use YouPlay with some other YouTube stacks on some pages and they seem to work fine together. Check out and also by Joe Workman.

Thanks. Do you happen to use a lightbox with those youtube stacks to get a similar effect as with you play?

No I don’t use a lightbox with those youtube stacks so they are different in appearance on those pages to the YouPlay stack but still function fine.

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