YouTube Channel stack?

Anyone recommend a stack that will pull in a YouTube channel, updating automatically as new videos are added/ Not Will’s uTube stack (which is good) - I’m just looking for more of a horizontal carousel under the selected video.



The YouPlay stack from Rapid Ideas might be what you’re looking for.

Cheers @NeilUK. I’d seen that and it does bring in a YouTube channel.

Have you got the stack? Can you tell me if it’s possible to remove pretty much all of the furniture around the big playback window and the thumbs below? I’m looking for something rather like this.



Hi @robbeattie,

I don’t have it unfortunately. I bought another stack from there last week and I remembered seeing a Youtube stack.

Rob: I have the stack but am leaving for a trip right now. Ask Chris at RapidIdeas. He’s very helpful and will get back to you soon. I don’t remember the exact settings. I believe you can come close to what you want.

Cheers to both. Off to Rapid Ideas I go!


@willwood has one too:

I know, but I’m not so keen on the way that uTube arranges the playlist @LSPhoto. I’m after something more like a carousel.

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@robbeattie can you keep us up to date… if this stack has that option, thanks

Will do @rolisize. No problem.

While YouPlay may look a little bit different, it may be very close on what you are looking for. See the attached image.
You can actually hide the header, the tabs and also the description, if you like and get a very minimal layout.