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Hey all!

In the search of the perfect Video Playlist I stumbled across “Video” from Yuzoolthemes and immediately clicked the buy button. To my disappointment, this stack is now only available
in the cloud club, which means you have to purchase at least a 1 month membership for $15 and
another $39 as sign-up fee. I must say, I’m really not fond of this business model. For me, this would mean to pay $54 for the video stack, that cost $14,95 before. Is there any alternative, that looks similar to that stack?




Try the YouPlay stack from Rapid Ideas.

Hey Neil,

sorry, forgot to mention, I need a stack for selfhosted MP4s :confused:

Ah, ok.

Maybe Player from Weavers Kingdom?

I’m not sure if you can self host with it, though.

Might check out player from stacks4stacks

As with all @willwood stacks there is a free demo version to check it out.

I looked at the that one, but couldn’t see a playlist option. If I’m wrong, it would be a great solution.

That one would be indeed perfect, but can you say if there is the possibility to limit the displayed videos to let’s say 3 or 4 entries and the rest is shown as a scrollable list? I couldn’t find any hint on the screenshots.

I’m not sure really, but @Lucas would be able to answer that.

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“Player” from stacks4stacks looks promissing indeed, however, as far as I can tell, it can only have 5 videos in the playlist :worried:
EDIT: Okay, I was wrong, the 5 tracks are referring to multilanguage audio tracks.

@NeilUK great, let’s see if @Lucas will chime in :slight_smile:

Or the free MixingDeck stack if you want multiple videos AND a playlist:

I didn’t see that one. It looks just what @Stevie1 needs.

Hey Will!

That’s indeed a great stack, the problem is, I want to add a bunch of videos (7-15), does the playlist switch to “scrollable” at a certain point? So that it only shows 4 entries and the rest is visible when you scroll down?



It’s free so download it and try it out.

All of Will’s stacks are free or have a trail version so you can try before you buy. On the free ones you can donate if you find it useful.

One of the the main advantages for the developers to offer this is not having a lot of pre sale support.

Go ahead and take it for a spin.

I did! That’s why I’m asking, because I could not find a way to do it, but maybe there is a way?

Perhaps simply use some basic custom CSS code to give the playlist a max-height and set it’s overflow to auto, to force the display of scroll bars?

.list-group {
max-height: 200px;
overflow: auto;

Of course, from a usability perspective, you need to remember that scroll bars are not visible for everyone. You need to ensure you modify the stack in such a way to ensure people can see the playlist is scrollable.

Hey Will,

thanks so much, I will give that a try! I guess adding a short reminder for the visitor, that the list is scrollable is a great idea :+1:
I just tried your code and it works awesome! Thanks so much. A contribution is on its way.

In the meanwhile, I also purchased the Yuzooltheme video player and I must say that I really like both, Yuzool und Stacks4Stacks, very much. Argg, I can’t decide! :grimacing:
I will try out which fits best to the design of my website :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the great comments in this thread!