YouTube size and Armadillo blog

I’ve been using Armadillo for a while and just had a revamp of my site. When I put a YouTube link in my posts it isn’t responsive when on mobile phones; the video extends past the edge of the screen. All other elements are responsive.

Anyone any idea how to solve this?

I’d love to be able to style the Armadillo blog posts more too.
It seems Armadillo sometimes takes away paragraph returns, and sometimes butts up text to images even though there’s a space. On the headline stack it sometimes takes away the space between a full-stop and the next sentence (so you have to use the old double-space after a period to correct this). But not in all headlines…

Anyway, if anyone has any tips on styling, I’d be grateful.

I’m using Foundation and all up to date with the software and stacks.

The YouTube embed code uses an iFrame to display the video with fixed width an height. You called it a link, did you get the code to place in the post?

If you’re comfortable with coding, there are some tricks to make an iFrame responsive.

You would need to give some examples. In Armadillo’s settings, there’s a choice of three different editor types to use, what one are you using?
As for styling, Armadillo uses the theme’s RapidWeaver blog styling. You’re using Foundation as the theme for the blog page. Foundation has NO blog page support built in, so no CSS for the RapidWeaver blog settings.
You can download the Theme development manual, and you will see several pages of blog CSS settings that aren’t included with the Foundation Theme. You can code those yourself, or pick another theme for the blog page.
Armadillo was designed to replace the existing built-in blog plug-in.

Much of the blog’s style will look OK without all of that CSS, so the easiest way to address it any issues would be with giving examples.

Thank you teefers,

I used the SHARE button in YouTube to copy the code, just looked again and I could have got the embed code hmmm…

In Armadillo I use the rtf editor. I tried the Markdown one, but it asked for the URL links to pics I wanted to post, which baffled me when I usually just drag them from a folder on my desktop.

I don’t mind so much how the Armadillo blog looks; but it wold be nice small things such as a horizontal line between posts were easy to achieve, or the placement of the category and tags fields.

Thanks for your help, I’m going to look at your links now.

Another great resource to get embedded videos responsive would be to use the site. You just enter the YouTube video URL, and it will generate the code for you, which you can then copy/paste into Armadillo’s content editor (be sure to switch to the Source view before pasting it in).

Hope this helps.


Thanks Jonathan,

just looked at your suggestion and it works perfectly. Although I don’t know what you mean by ‘switch to the source view’.

Oh, just checked on my iphone and the videos still have 25% off the screen…

Hi again Jonathan,


I went back into the blog, and the videos using were there, but filling the whole post horizontally. I put the cursor on the line above to type, then moved the cursor down using the arrow key, and the video suddenly became much smaller.

So I tried the same cursor move with the second video in the post, and the same thing happened; video smaller.

Checked my iphone and now the videos on the Mik Artistik post are the correct size.
But looking at a tablet and on desktop, they are no longer responsive, just fixed at small size.

Perhaps I take the videos off and only use images and text from now on…

An update!

I’ve gone through all my posts and re-used the link from the SHARE button on the YouTube videos. I don’t have the energy to try and solve the mobile phone non-responsive problem.

I’ve noticed this:

You have to use the ‘insert video’ icon and copy the link into the ‘insert video’ box. If you just copy the link into the text, the video shows but it seems to spoil paragraph line spacing before and under the video.

I tried the markdown editor (I usually use the rtf editor), but wasn’t successful inserting an image and couldn’t find how to insert a video. Also, using */ for bold and italic worked, but *** for bold and italic didn’t for me. If I was travelling to a gig on a train, I’m not sure I’d want to host an image to get the URL to put in a post… when I could drag it there in the RTF editor.

Anyway, all back to normal, thanks everyone.


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