Armadillo blog – problem with responsiveness

Hi there,
I am working on a site with an Armadillo stack, menu item INFO:

Problem: On mobiles it is not responsive (enough), same with tablet size.

In Rapidweaver I have an error message which I don’t understand:

Fatal error : Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function displaySidebarContent() in /private/var/folders/p5/zx5hynsx1959tqvw5zwpdf900000gn/T/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver8/RapidWeaver/37227/document-0x7ff8438e2080/RWDocumentPagePreview/Tipps/index.php:228 Stack trace: #0 /Applications/RapidWeaver include() #1 {main} thrown in /private/var/folders/p5/zx5hynsx1959tqvw5zwpdf900000gn/T/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver8/RapidWeaver/37227/document-0x7ff8438e2080/RWDocumentPagePreview/Tipps/index.php on line 228

Can anybody help me out? Thanks!

Perhaps this helps?

Thanks for the tip, but I am using this code already (to no avail).

Not sure what you mean “not responsive (enough)”. You do have errors on the console. – 404 not found – 400 server error.

The jquery not found is probably causing issues. I’d try to republish all files, that’s if you can get by the fatal error within RW.

As for the fatal error, does it happen only with that project file?

Hi Doug,

sorry for not being precise in my post.

My #1 problem is that on mobiles the blog content is not scaled down to fit in the mobile browser. Only 50-60% of the content’s width is shown.
Since I use Armadillo in another site I know that it can scale down even for small mobiles. But I don’t know why it is not doing that in this site. I do use a different them here, but can that be the reason?

My #2 problem is the fatal error message inside RW after exporting the blog (and maybe this is the reason for problem #1?).

You are right, on the console of the published blog there are dozens of problems pointed out.

I have re-published the whole site, no change.

What can I do? Set up Armadillo again? (I have only a few posts in the blog as the site is just being set up.) Or is there an alternative?

I really have no clue what the error message means, it is gibberish to me.

Most all of Armadillo’s blog styling comes from the theme. Armadillo was designed to be a replacement for the built-in blog.

So each theme can make the “blog” built-in or Armadillo look and feel different.

Now I don’t think it’s a “Theme” issue, but it’s hard to say until you can clear the errors.

A quick look at the source from the page and It looks like you have some stuff in the theme sidebar? Looks like links to a style sheet and jquery.

This is a stacks page so I don’t know why you would even use the sidebar. I’d look at using a 2 column stack of your favorite flavor and use one for the “sidebar” and the other for the content.

When you say export what did you mean? Publish? or something else?

You said you re-published the whole site, did you get that error message?

Doug, yes, I meant publish. After republishing the error message remains.
I have deleted what I had in the sidebar (besides the blog archive etc.). But that didn’t make a difference either.

I’d remove the blog archive as well. Where did you get the Archive code you placed in the sidebar?

For now, lets simply.
The only think we want on the page is the following:

  • Armadillo Blog stack
  • If you have the main “Armadillo” stack( where you set up the Database stuff) on this page then leave it as well.
  • looks like the Armadillo login stack is on the page so leave it.

Let make sure the sidebar is totally empty. If you have any custom code or anything else it’s best if we can get rid of it for now.

I think I found that code snippet in the Armadillo Extras. That isn’t working (it seems to double the cache busting links query string).

If you are using stacks pages you really don’t want to do it that way anyway. As I said earler, I’d turn off the sidebar (I’m sure Volcano theme does that). put a 2 column stack on the page and put the blog stack on one side and the Armadillo Blog Navigation stack on the other side.

Anyway I’m leaving my office so if you need more help just post it here, if someone else can’t help you I should be back tomorrow.

Hi Doug,
sorry for responding so late to your invaluable help hints for my blog! I appreciate that you investigated your time and your ideas. I will look into that and make changes accordingly.


Post back how it goes.

I’ll be in and out the next few days, but I think some of the problem you are having is that old code snippet you put in the sidebar.

I found it best when debugging something like this is to simplify the page first.

Hi Doug,
I started a new RW project with the same Volcano theme and put back in the content. I also installed the Armadillo blog again. Now things are working, no error message showing up. Since I wanted to keep the sidebar with the client’s photo also on the blog page, I put it again into the sidebar. It seems, without problems.
Checking with the Validator still shows a number of errors, but it seems to me they have to do with errors in the stacks etc. I am using and I have most likely no influence there.
Thanks for you help!

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