Armadillo blog images squished in iPhone portrait mode

I am using Armadillo from @nimblehost for my blog with Foundation from @joeworkman as my theme over at:
Often blog images look squished when viewed on a mobile device in portrait mode. You can see this by visiting:
on your mobile phone.
Since all of this should be responsive, does anyone have an idea how I can fix this?

@firedude2894 Did you get this resolved? I just visited the site from an iPhone 6 Plus and didn’t see the squashed images you mentioned in portrait mode.

Yes, Andrew Tavenor gave me this:

.armadilloContent img{
height: auto!important;

Which worked perfectly!

Seems to me that this should be part of Armadillo or possibly a setting in the HUD?

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This is a very sincere question.
You have seemed MIA lately. Is everything ok?
The RW community has always felt like it is made up of friends and that includes you. If there is anything you need, please let me know.

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Appreciate the concern @firedude2894! Sorry for the delayed reply, I was on a plane from Japan to the East Coast, and jet lag from the 14 hour time difference always lays be out for a few days. Yes, everything’s fine, just very, very busy. :slight_smile:

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Great, I’m looking forward to some Armadillo updates soon.

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Hi Brad, I have precisely the same issue. Can you tell me where to place the CSS(?) code?



Sure David,
I have since stopped using Armadillo, but here is your solution.
Go to the Inspector on your blog page and paste the code as shown in the picture.


Thanks Brad, interested to know what you’re using instead of Armadillo?



Certainly David,
I realized that I was having more struggles with Armadillo than there were fixes in the works. The development of Armadillo was too slow for me. Jonathan at Nimblehost is a brilliant developer, in my opinion, but features and fixes were simply too slow.
I am now using Total CMS. It is much more expensive, but I spend much less time trying to work around Armadillos shortcomings (for my purposes anyway).