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I want to create some pricing graphics with Yuzooltheme PRICING. I want to sell some electronic service which can be paid monthly and can be paid by Bitcoins. Because there sometime is a big fluctuation of the Bitcoins exchange rate, I would like to have a real time exchange rate. I would like to aquire thep price in € and it should automatically calculated the corresponding price in Bitcoins.

Is that possible with PRICING? Or do you have any (other) ideas than that? I also need a code for the real time exchange rate.

Thanks a lot guys

Wow cool idea.

Pricing is just a responsive pricing table. It will give you a nice layout for this.

For the bitcoin, there is a bitcoin stack to give you a start:

For the realtime stuff you’ll need to find some code for that.

Looking at integrating Bitcoin payments into my Stripe Stacks very soon…

Hope that helps!

Hi yuzool

Thanks for your answer! unfortunately I don’t find a code for real time (If you find one, please let me know:-)

And if you have a Bitcoin payment stack, please let me know too, that would be great!


Thanks @gold - I posted here:

Stripe now takes Bitcoin but only for US based accounts currently. Hopefully that will change this year.

Here’s my demo, try it:

Hello yuzool

WOW, that looks fantastic!!! GREAT WORK:-) That’s exactly what I’m looking for:-)

What do you mean “only for US based accounts”? If I put in my bitcoin wallet for the payment, it’s not connected to any bank account and I can use this without any problems all over the world. If and how I change my Bitcoins has nothing to do with your stack.

Best wishes

Thanks @gold

Yes you are right about that part.

But my Stack uses Stripe and the seller sells an item in exchange for Bitcoin. Buyer is any country and is happy. But the seller then auto-converts that Bitcoin into $$ and it gets put into their Stripe account. This Stripe account has to be a USD US bank account at the moment to receive those exchanged Bitcoins. It might change in the near future (imagine it will) and they will expand to Australia, Europe and other places once they get that feature out of BETA.

Hope that helps!